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carlisle swinger swingers parties ukcarlisle swinger swingers parties ukcarlisle swinger swingers parties ukcarlisle swinger swingers parties ukText Box: 19775 - Carlisle
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Below Some Gold Star members for  Carlisle



Today's featured 5 Star Member.



At swingerspartiesuk.com we take your privacy seriously, after joining the swingers club you will not receive any unsolicited emails, we will never call or write. You can also decide whether to display a photo of yourself or not. Upon joining you will be emailed your personal login details. You can join by credit or debit card through PPPAY, you will then be able to login immediately.


Swingerspartiesuk.com is now the largest organisation of its kind covering the U.K and Ireland, we pride ourselves in providing all the info the discerning swinger requires, every area is covered, a minimum of one swingers party every week in every location on the map!. Parties on weekdays and weekends. All held in large houses, a massive network of Carlisle swingers out there waiting for you. You will also be able to meet members for private swinging sex sessions, after five successful meetings you will automatically become a gold star member... Letting everyone know how great you are!...



For a long time now swingers parties have been inaccessible to many people, the information was simply not there, most sex parties only allowed couples to attend, say hello, its swingers parties U.K were anything goes, and all are most welcome couples , single males and females, any age, race or size, anyone over 18 can join, ages range from 18- 68!. You will meet people from all walks of life. You are free to attend swinging parties in any area & also enjoy private Carlisle sex liaisons with swingers...



Once you've joined the Carlisle community there are no fees to pay, just the simple protocol of “bring a bottle”, your membership is renewable each year. All the parties you will attend are independently hosted by experienced swingers, once you have registered you are not restricted to any area in particular and are free to choose which parties to attend, you will find all parties although free of charge to attend will require you to notify them at least 48 hours in advance that you intend to attend the swingers party.



To register use the link at the top or bottom of this page or just click your town on the map. You will soon be at your first Carlisle sex party!.

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Carlisle Swingers Club

There is a minimum of 1 swingers party in Carlisle each week, also

roughly 100 members available for private swinging meets....

Text Box: To join simply proceed to the join today button in the menu bar at the top of this page, Or click here
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Hi and welcome to your local Carlisle swingers page, don't worry no matter which page you join from you can attend any party in any area, the sections help us in knowing what specific party information you require.


Each party on average has 60 guests so there's plenty of action for you to get involved with, parties are held on weekdays as well as weekends, although free to attend you need to reserve your place at least 48hrs in advance using the contact information provided.. 


Unlike other services we welcome single males as well as females and couples. You will meet people from all walks of life. All events are held in large discreet properties similar to the one below.


Within the Carlisle swinging scene there are roughly 100 members who are available for private swinging meetings, single males, single females and couples, straight and bi-sexual swingers.


Once you've subscribed there is no more to pay for the year of your subscription, all parties are free to attend as are private meetings although you will be expected to bring a bottle to parties you attend..

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The ultimate swinging club for the UK and Ireland, designed by swingers for swingers, unleash the swinger in you..

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